Penis Pump

Penis pump - Male sex toys

A penis pump helps to pump blood into the penis to create and sustain erection. For older men, people with erectile dysfunction, or those that have undergone prostate surgery, penis pumps may be a good non-pharmaceutical alternative to getting rock hard. Penis pumps usually consist of a plastic tube, constriction ring that attaches to the base of the penis, and a battery or hand-powered pump. Sounds complicated? It really isn’t.

How does a penis pump Work?

When you pump, a vacuum forms around the dick, causing blood to rush into it. The flow generates the desired erection, and the pump’s work is done. To maintain the erection, the constriction ring is placed around the dick’s base, mission accomplished! 

How to use a penis pump?
  1. Shaving is always a good idea before using a penis pump. Although this is not completely necessary, doing so prevents your pubic hair from getting tangled with the constriction ring.
  2. Place your penis inside the plastic tube.
  3. If it’s battery-operated, switch on the pump to generate a vacuum inside the tube. Otherwise, manually build a vacuum with the hand-pump. Doing this should send blood rushing into your penis.
  4. Roll the ring over your erection and keep it at the base of the dick to keep it hard. 
  5. Remove the tube.

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